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Fix the manufacture interface.
Eventually the number of outfits, weapons ammunition and other stuff results in a giant list that scrolls extremely slowly and inaccurately making it difficult to use. The class filter buttons would help but they take 2-3 seconds each to respond. And they constantly reset to all being selected. Start with zero at least. The only thing I ever want to do is buy stuff for a specific class or multi class. So make that easy. If I am looking at an infiltrator sniper and click on manufacture, set up the filters for that. When I click back on personnel, don't go back to the beginning. You know who I was looking at. Remember that and open up that soldier again in the exact view I was in last time. Default to just a single or multi class selection. There can be a button for the useless show me everything so it is hard to select anything view. Categorize everything properly. Have a button for grenades. etc. One for antediluvian weapons. Make things sort together not spread out through the giant list. I am looking for shotguns. Not every item in the game. Add a way to build more of the stuff I am already building. Maybe have auto scrapping. I designate something as scrap and it is removed from the manufacture list and always auto scrapped. That will help clear up that endless list. When I do manually scrap, I don't want to click 9 times to scrap the entire stack. I 99.99% of the time want to just scrap it all. Completely remove the instant build ammo from the manufacture list. It serves no good purpose and completely bogs down everything. Ammo is purchased from the soldier tab by clicking + Ammo. Or automatically with the excellent fantastic, why doesn't every game do this, replenishment mechanism. Maybe add clip size to the weapon itself but I can live without that on that list. What if I can click a button on the character screen for head torso legs and it will show me exactly a filtered list of stuff to make for that?
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