Here is a list of general AI issues:
  • The AI has the tendency to stand out in the open, regardless of available cover.
  • The AI uses overwatch inefficiently, it tends to aim at arbitrary directions and uses overwatch in the open as well. When fired at from an unknown position with a long range weapon, the AI sometimes wastes a turn using overwatch, Arthrons tend to show this behavior.
  • The AI does not account for the AP cost of firing a weapon or using an ability (i.e. jetpack). Erratic movement (jetpack included) is sometimes prioritized over firing a weapon several times (or using an ability). This is especially noticable with NJ heavies.
  • The AI wastes medkits on barely wounded allies and puts one or more soldiers in the open just to heal one friendly.
  • The AI sometimes ignores certain targets if they're in a specific position (i.e. a few tiles away and crouching next to a fence).
  • The AI forgets about priority targets if they're not visible. A heavily wounded target will not be looked for if another target is nearby.
  • The vehicle AI is extremely inefficient at using its AP, entire turns are spent wandering around even when the vehicle is alerted. This is especially noticable with the Aspida.