I've playing this game for quite a while, as it evolved during all the patches/upgrades. I play on hero/legend and I always get the same feeling whenever I play: Pandoras become OP and remove any enjoyment out of playing the game. I feel like you always have to rush OR cheese in order to be able to win. Allow me to explain a scenario I just played:
Anu haven defense, protect food buildings:
  • Pandorans start on top of structures to be defended, so everything will be destroyed in the first few turns
  • Even with 2 extra faction soldiers, a chiron takes 2 turns to kill using my whole squad
  • Sirens are bullet sponges, along with armored arthrons and even tritons. Everything has at least 30 armor and over 300 health
  • Pandorans have 2+ ways of attacking you. So even if you disable something the pandoran unit can still cause massive damage, because at this point everything they have causes massive damage
  • Finally the myrmidons come to play. Not only the base myrmidon can walk across the map (or fly) and hit once (aka damage guaranteed) but once you get to acird myrmidon, then it's clown world. It has so much movement that it can always attack you (70 damage + acid) and oh my god if it dies near anyone... In essence they are OP kamikaze units that have a acid/venom nuke on death.
All in all, if we compare the power both sides have:
  • A single Pandoran can kill 1+ soldiers in 1 turn
  • A single Pandoran takes your whole squad to be killed in 1 turn
To me this is just not enjoyable. Not sure if other players share the same feeling.
Now for constructive ideas, which I can break up to separate requests if people agree
  • Either reduce myrmidon movement, health OR in the very least the death effect (I mean I got 270 acid on a single soldier after an acid myrmidon got killed!!!)
  • Allow Phoenix Point to bring more than 8 soldiers. If we think about UFO enemy unknown, there was some balance between how many aliens the larger UFOs had and what the later ships could carry. This could mean a review on how many soldiers each ship can carry as well.
  • Review how quickly Pandorans get armor upgrades. It does not take long pefore they all have 30 armor and then most of the weapons do nothing and missions become tidious and annoying