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I suggest making a combat fix to line of sight and movement. Adjust (fix) camera angles in the "free shoot" mode. Only played the game for three hours, but there have been several times when the sniper's shot is blocked by a low cover wall when he/she is on high elevation. Also, there are walls that your character won't"peek" or "look around" making you leave cover to fire. It doesn't really make sense that the soldiers won't dip out or stand to fire. Example: __\o X Currently, there are areas where O won’t see X, which makes 0 sense. This example can be used twice if you tilt your head to the right. I have had a sniper blocked by the upper ledge of low cover. If you could make objects that your character can SEE and SHOOT through transparent (maybe make things that can be broken orange). Example: I have been blocked from seeing an enemy in "free shoot" by a plant. The enemy however could see and shoot me without issue. When I did return fire, one of my shots was destroyed (aka blocked) by the plant pot (which I didn’t know could happen at the time) Fix the loss of AP points when you get spotted during movement. Example: Several times I have a squad member running to cover WITH 2 AP left once in position. When they get spotted the character stops and will have to use another AP to finish running. Not asking for an OP if you get spotted make a full free movement like the enemies did in XCOM 1&2. Just asking for a free X # of squares to move that was equal to what the squaddie was already moving.
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