The problems we want to resolve:
•The current tutorial is very bare-bones and fails to introduce many key aspects of gameplay to the player.
Our broad solutions:
•Improve the new game tutorial introduction missions.
•Provide an in-game, context-sensitive tutorial which introduces new gameplay elements to the player as they're encountered.
When these events occur:
•The first time an alien uses an ability/weapon type.
- Interrupt after action completed.
- When a new ability or weapon is used.
- Sentinel/egg preparing.
•The first time an effect is applied to your soldiers.
- Start of the player turn.
- Status effects - panic, mind control, bleeding, poison, virus, acid, paralysis.
- Stealth - with infiltrator.
- Return fire.
- Overwatched.
•Messages always appear, regardless of the tutorial.
- Checkbox for ‘do not show me hints and tips anymore’.
- Saved per campaign.
•Pop-up icons which the player can choose to expand.
We also want to provide players with more information the first time they encounter a new enemy for a number of reasons:
•Display the diversity of enemies in the game.
•Teach the basics of new game mechanics.
•Set up player expectations.
The pop-up appears at the start of tactical when a new creature/character is present.
Only one pop-up can appear at a time! (The one which is considered the most dominant in the level).
The pop-up contains
•Character picture.
•Name, Faction, Stats.
•Key Ability 1.
•Key Ability 2 (if present).
•Relating Mechanic - explanation text relating to the Key abilities.